We all know the paint-by-numbers games from childhood: coloring is fun, it makes us curious what is hidden.

I created a software-based way to make paint-by-number drawing, where you color the actual pixels.

This non-age and non-gender specific installations are to engage audience for two reasons: revealing an image and revealing how the community cooperates. Each piece is unique as they are installed different locations and for various audience, therefore the way they got created also differs, but since coloring is quite addictive, they get ready quite quick.




janos-bruckner-common-petofi-2015-papir-pencil  IMG_20150601_144509-scr IMG_20150601_145434-scr

The ‘Camouflage’ was installed at the Baltan Laboratories Eindhoven (in cooperation with Zsolt Miklósvölgyi). Visitors were invited to color the text – thus actually embedding it back to the background and making it disappear.

janos-bruckner-camouflage-2 IMG_6434-sel IMG_6445-scr IMG_6456-scr IMG_6470-scr

“One might say that in the process of the humanization one of the most significant milestone was when we started to represent our world by images. This moment might be defined as the birth of the homo pictor and the beginning of the arche-writing. A beginning that — paradoxically — has no clear origin, as the process of the image-making itself is what at every turn hiding it. This primordial camouflage-effect of the imaging could be considered as the very basis of every representation. On one hand each sign signifies something that exceeds the sign itself, on the other hand each sign refers back to itself as an opaque surface or pattern that in order to make something else visible, overlaps itself.” (Zsolt Miklósvölgyi)

Information technology is printing technology. Once conceived, it is reproducible at leisure, like a newspaper. For this reason it grows omnipresent so quickly, unlike any mechanical system. And for this reason, we notice a rhizomic net that gets rapidly tighter across the world, in which information — whatever that may be — dashes as electromagnetic phenomena around our planet at close to light-speed. A net that is the substrate not only for instabilities, but likewise for new stabilities that have increasingly begun to replace old order systems.

Ludger Hovestadt: A Fantastic Genealogy of the Printable, in. V. Bühlmann-L. Hovestadt: Printed Physics, Metalithikum I, Applied Virtuality, vol. 1, Springer, Wien, 2012. pp. 19-20.


IMG_20151027_130533-scr janos-bruckner-human-printer-erste-stifrung-2015


ERSTE Stiftung, Wien, 2015


Zeitvertreibsdienst / Pastime service

in collaboration with Charité Mitte Hospital, Berlin

Waiting and spending time in hospitals – the Pastime Service offers a choice to make visible time passing by for people waiting.